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  • Q.What type of files are supported?

    PSD files are preferred. However, other types of design formats like .PNG, .AI, Fireworks, CDR are also accepted. Keeping in mind that these formats will require the images and font files. Also, when converting from PSD to HTML, Clients need to specify the resolution of the website.

  • Q.What is a projects turnaround time?

    The turnaround time from PSD to HTML can range anywhere between 2-4 business days excluding the revisions time and any edits. If, a large order over 6-7 pages or any implementations or additions like Javascript, the time frame may be delayed.

  • Q.What payment options are available?

    Payment needs to be made upfront and we accept payments via Paypal and Bank transfers.

  • Q.What does PSD mean?

    PSD stand for Photoshop Design. It is a layered mock-up or design for any website and its created through Adobe Photoshop.

  • Q.Is there a maximum length for the PSD's?

    The length can be maximum 2400px, in case of more content extra charges will be applicable as a subpage.

  • Q.Will there be a backup copy of the project?

    A backup copy of all the clients' files and project will be kept for 6 months. We will be glad to provide you with a copy in case you have misplaced or lost your project files

  • Q.Do you offer design work?

    We unfortunately do not offer web design services; our absolute focus is to provide the best PSD to HTML. However, you can always contact our sister company

  • Q.Can I request any modifications or additions to the code?

    Clients can preview the conversions and any changes or additions are welcome in order for the project to be pixel perfect based on your PSD files. We provide 3 rounds of edits (for e.g. Font styling, JS effects, minor alignment changes etc). In case you require any changes in the design that may require additional efforts, we may include an extra charge. If the project is a CMS: Edits on the CMS have the same flow as the HTML process, however they are only related to functionality (for e.g. use of a different plug-in, the logic of the code and change widgets) and not HTML / CSS as we will use the HTML code that you earlier approved.

  • Q.What are your working hours?

    Our working hours are from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm CST. Our timelines are in business days and we do not operate on weekends.

  • Q.Do you offer any discounts?

    Our pricing is extremely competitive. We do offer discounts on some pages and we offer special concessions for companies that would like to work with us on a recurring basis. Please follow us on our social media profiles to catch any special promotions or discounts on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Q.Do you offer phone support?

    We offer Skype support.

  • Q.Will your name be visible on my website?

    Not at all, we are very transparent with our services.

  • Q.Will my code be used in your Portfolio?

    Not unless the client grants us permission to display the projects on our website.

  • Q.Do you sign a Non-disclosure Agreement?

    Yes, we work under an NDA. Our clients' privacy is very important.




  • Q.What is Wordpress MU?

    Earlier WP MU used to be a separate project that would allow programmers to handle multiple sites with the same WP Installation; however it is no longer a separate project. Since WP 3.0 has been released, it is currently part of the WP core, it continues to develop as a part of the main Wordpress branch under the MS or multisite. It will continue to get more frequent updates and improvements.

  • Q.What is custom post type?

    You can create different types of content in Wordpress through Custom post types. Wordpress can display and hold various types of content. The five major types that Wordpress uses by default are Post, Page, Attachment, Revisions and Nav Menus. With Wordpress 3.0, you can add your own custom post types and use them in various ways (For e.g. Doctors, Patients, Products, Cars, Bikes, Movies etc)

  • Q.Can you use PHP in WP widgets?

    Yes we can. There is a WP Plug which makes it possible. However, a check needs to be done to figure out how complex it will be.

  • Q.What is an additional Page Template?

    Once you create your theme, You can set Individual pages to use a specific custom page template. This new template will override the previous default page.php page template which is included within the theme.

  • Q.Can a WP Theme be created that will be ready to use with my existing WP site and also can I re-use all the content I already have?

    We can certainly analyze very single case. Certain criteria's for that are: * If you are moving from a non-WP to a WP, we surely can create the theme for you however you will need to do the migration from the non-WP theme to the WP theme. 

    If you are moving from a WP to WP, we will need to access the old database and theme functionality to figure out how it was done previously. 

    That way we can make a new WP like a plug n play theme for the old content.